Welcome to Voyager Golf Travel

Ditch the Divots, Embrace Paradise: Welcome to Voyager Golf Travel!

Forget generic getaways riddled with planning woes. At Voyager Golf Travel, we craft epic golfing adventures that leave you trading baggage fees for bragging rights about birdies on breathtaking greens. Buckle up, because we’re taking you on a journey where paradise is as standard as a pre-round practice swing. Imagine sun-drenched fairways stretching across rolling hills, kissed by gentle ocean breezes.

Picture championship courses challenging your skills and tantalizing your senses. Envision luxurious accommodations where pampering awaits after every swing. And don’t forget the new friends forged over shared triumphs and hilarious blunders. This isn’t just a vacation – it’s an exhilarating escape for every level of golfer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, we’ve got the perfect adventure tailored just for you. So ditch the divots and embrace paradise. Contact Voyager Golf Travel today and let us be your golfing genie. We’ll grant wishes for solo adventurers and pack-loving pals alike, turning your dream vacation into reality. Remember, with Voyager Golf Travel, the only thing you have to do is tee off and enjoy the ride. Your epic golfing escape awaits!

Choose Your Adventure:

Hosted or Non Hosted

VGT provide a high quality selection of offerings, hosting the tour for you providing the full end to end service, with or without a golf pro. We also understand that you just want to travel with your golfing buddies on an annual trip but would like everything arranged for you, well you have stopped at the right golf company.

Fly Solo:

Feel like a lone eagle soaring across the fairway? Book your own flights and let Voyager Golf Travel handle the rest. We’ll whisk you away to luxurious accommodations, serve up mouth-watering meals, and prepare welcome drinks and a farewell feast fit for a champion. Tee times await at courses that will leave you speechless, from iconic greens bathed in sunshine to hidden gems carved by nature’s hand.

Let Us Be Your Caddy: ⛳️

Prefer to sit back and let someone else handle the details? We’ve got you covered! We’ll arrange everything from end-to-end, starting with snagging you sweet deals on flights (groups of 10+ can relax, we’ll take care of it all!). No need to worry about transfers, luggage, or itineraries – just focus on perfecting your swing and making new friends.

Choose Your Challenge:

No matter your skill level, Voyager Golf Travel has the perfect course for you. Beginners can practice their swing on forgiving fairways, while seasoned veterans can test their mettle on championship layouts. We offer a diverse range of courses to suit every taste and skill level, ensuring everyone in your group has a memorable golfing experience.

No matter your style, you’ll get:

  • Championship Courses: Forget crowded driving ranges. We’re talking about teeing off on breathtaking, bucket-list greens that’ll leave you speechless and your scorecard singing. Imagine conquering iconic fairways bathed in sunshine, or navigating rolling hills sculpted by nature’s finest hand.

  • 4-Star Pampering: After a day of conquering birdies, unwind in plush 4-star havens designed to soothe your soul. Savour gourmet meals, sip refreshing cocktails, and bask in the memories before tackling the next green.

  • Hassle-Free Bliss: Leave the paperwork, transfers, and logistics to us. We’ve got it all covered, from airport greetings to farewell goodbyes. Just focus on perfecting your swing, making new friends (hello, lifelong golfing buddies!), and creating memories that’ll stick like glue to your clubs.

“Its just as much about the journey as it is about the destination”©

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